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Gunfight by Adam Winkler

We are honored to include the book review below by one of our favorite colleagues, Professor Dave Fagundes.

"Adam Winkler's Gunfight is a radically moderate history of Districtof Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court case that adopted the view that the Second Amendment confers an individual right to bear arms. This is a masterful recounting of the story of a landmark constitutional case. And best of all, there is something in this book to disappoint all sides in the overheated public debate about guns in America.

Gun control advocates will be disappointed by Winkler’s conclusion that the individual-rights view of the Second Amendment is likely the right one. Winkler shows that private gun ownership has been part of American culture since the earliest days of the Republic, and that abolishing guns entirely as other countries have would not only be practically unworkable, but unconstitutional. 
Gun ownership maximalists will be disappointed by Winkler’s corollary observation tha…
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ABA TechReport - My favorite survey of the year!

It is certainly no secret that when it comes to law and technology, I am a total nerd. A nerd among nerds even. Once when speaking to a publishing agent and describing my interest in metadata, he said, "so you're just a complete nerd." Well yes, thanks, I am. And at no time am I a happier nerd than when I have a fresh download of the current ABA TechReport.
Six volumes bustling with demographics, surveys, and reports? All about the legal field's use of technology? The charts! The graphs! Utopia.
But seriously, as a legal educator, staying on top of legal trends is vital. Before my career in academia, I was a firm librarian for many years. My experience in the trenches of practical legal research has always driven my teaching. Now that I teach full time, I rely on the TechReport to keep my perspective fresh. For instance, this year volume 5 of the report (which focuses on Online Research) says when asked which pay online service they prefer, Westlaw, Lexis and LexisA…

Trending @ O'Quinn: O'Connor's Texas Causes of Action

The O'Quinn Law Library is open to the public; legal practitioners and pro se litigants alike are welcome to visit the library to conduct legal research.  Are you interested in legal research, but feel unsure where to start?  Do you want to know if the O'Quinn Law Library collection includes something you need?  Then maybe learning about resources frequently used by other researchers can provide you with inspiration for your own research.

One of this month's most requested resources is O'Connor's Texas Causes of Action by Michol O'Connor.  Part of a series of litigation handbooks, this particular volume deals with the legal claims and defenses that may be raised in Texas courts.  This book is divided into four main parts: causes of action, liability, compensation, and defenses.  Researchers interested in learning about the law can review issues by subject, while legal professionals may appreciate the accompanying case citations and commentary.  Litigants may be…

Handbook of Texas Lawyer and Judicial Ethics

The Handbook of Texas Lawyer and Judicial Ethics is a three-volume set published annually by Thomson Reuters as part of their Texas Practice Series. The Handbook comprises volumes 48, 48A, and 48B of the series. (In the interest of full disclosure, I should also mention that one of the authors, Robert P. Schuwerk, is a professor emeritus here at the Law Center.)

This unique resource covers three bodies of Texas law: attorney tort liability, attorney discipline, and judicial discipline. It is designed to help lawyers and judges find answers to their ethical questions, but it may also be useful to law students and non-lawyers. For those interested in doing further research, the book contains frequent references to relevant West’s Key Numbers and C.J.S. sections. Discussions of case law, statutes, and ethics opinions in this edition have been updated through January 2017.
The work is divided into six parts. Part I deals with the standards of attorney tort liability. It discusses the vari…

More Party Talk: Answers to Everyday Legal Questions for Texas Lawyers

All lawyers have experienced some version of the following scenario: You’re at a party (or family gathering or even the grocery store!) and someone finds out you are an attorney.  The person wants advice about their child custody dispute or whether they can be fired in a certain circumstance.  Even though you are a real estate attorney, they expect you to know the exact answer to the question because, after all, you are a lawyer and you are supposed to know “the law.”  All lawyers understand that they can’t possibly know all of the law, it changes all the time, and the answer usually depends on a variety of different factors, but that’s not the answer the man eagerly staring at you in the produce section is looking for!  Enter, More Party Talk: Answers to Everyday Legal Questions for Texas Lawyers, a book published by the State Bar of Texas to help lawyers facing this scenario.

A companion to the earlier edition entitled Party Talk, this book covers questions in nine different subject …

A New Focus for Nota Bene

Here at O'Quinn Law Library, we try to consistently ask ourselves: what services are we providing? Are we using our talents to the best of our abilities? How are we contributing to the University of Houston Law Center, the University as a whole, and the greater law community? Recently we sat together and took a hard look at our blog, Nota Bene. Collectively we thought we could sharpen our usefulness by deciding what we could publish that would serve our communities and utilize our specific talents in the best way possible.

We are pretty excited about our decision. Starting in January, we will be using our blog to systematically review all Texas-specific law publications. Our hope is that our reviews will help other librarians and researchers know where to turn to get great information about our state's legal system. In the spring, we will be taking on monographs, but our hope is to expand our reach to articles and invite guest librarians from other Texas institutions to partici…

A New Look for Nota Bene

The O'Quinn Law Library is proud to present a new look for our blog, Nota Bene. We look forward to continuing our tradition of providing interesting, current content for our readers.

If you have suggestions for improvements, please comment below. We would love to know how to make Nota Bene even better!